Operating among the arts of heavy psychedelia since 2010

New eponymous album "DOMOVOYD" OUT NOW via Svart Records - Get yours in Gatefold 2LP / CD / Digital form!

Upcoming gigs:

17.7.2015 @ Uleaborg Festival of Psychedelia, OULU

18.7.2015 @ Aania Brinkkalan Pihassa vol.2, TURKU

1.8.2015 @ Kallio Block Party 2015, HELSINKI

contact: domovoyd@gmail.com
booking: domovoyd@gmail.com / esa@blowup.fi
press: tomi@svartrecords.com (Finland) / nathan@svartrecords.com (outside Finland)


"Detonated in the year 2010, Domovoyd has risen to the forefront of the Finnish Underground.
Masters of dark, hypnotic, sprawling hazed-out doom, their music is a flaming celebration of the psychedelic arts.
Swilling the world about in their mouths and spitting it through a cosmic spiral, they know how to traverse time and space,
and have the necessary intoxicating ingredients to take you there."